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A Blockchain Project for Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

The growing value and significance of artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable. Yet, as its value skyrockets, it's increasingly monopolised by a handful of large enterprises, leaving smaller organisations at a disadvantage. This is especially prevalent in generative AI, with the big corporations monopolising AI use cases. The result is often that smaller organisations cannot afford data consulting services to drive business decisions and talented data scientists frequently go unrecognised and under-compensated for their pivotal contributions. It is essential to ensure such a revolutionary tool such as generative AI, should be accessible by everyone, as the internet was in the 90s and early 2000s.

Therefore at bitgrit, we believe that AI should be for all. Whether it's small business teams with untapped data or global conglomerates, everyone should reap the rewards of the automation and efficiency AI offers. Furthermore, data scientists and engineers deserve to share in the value they create with their innovative AI algorithms.

To bring this vision to life, we are creating a unique kind of marketplace where we present data-driven AI competitions to a global community of talented data scientists. These experts, in turn, develop tailored algorithms to solve the problem using the available data and resources with the purpose of achieving the highest score. By leveraging this collective intelligence of our community, we offer our clients access to a talent pool that surpasses what any single in-house team could feasibly provide, all without the need for substantial initial investment.

To truly democratise AI, Bitgrit integrates blockchain technology on the platform, ensuring a fair distribution of value between competition sponsors and data scientists. This is best represented by our BGR tokens (refer to tokenomics sections for more details).

Our AI Marketplace and competition platform aims to:

  • Provide AI solutions to businesses and community members of all sizes that otherwise cannot hire experienced data scientists;

  • Ensure that competition sponsors and data scientists are rewarded for their contribution to democratising AI; and

  • Improve AI accessibility, customisability and efficiency to benefit society.

But our commitment doesn’t end with the marketplace and competitions. At bitgrit, we’re dedicated to nurturing and empowering the global data science community. Our online forum is a hub for fostering collaboration, our job board connects talented individuals with prime data-related job opportunities, and our impactful event that we previously hosted, the World Data Science Forum (WDSF), united enthusiasts from around the globe. As the coronavirus has reduced in intensity, bitgrit intends to re-launch the WDSF event in future. The WDSF website can be found at https://www.worlddsf.org/

In this rapidly growing industry, there is a pressing need for an interactive platform that serves corporate clients, small business owners, AI enthusiasts and data scientists.

In response, we’re leveraging blockchain technology to enhance transparency and accountability to this industry. Our BGR token stands as a testament to this commitment, anchored by the value of datasets and models within our platform.

As bitgrit's AI Marketplace expands, we promise an enriched spectrum of high-quality data, innovative algorithms, and sought-after talent. We’re strategically poised to amplify these services, nurturing the perpetual growth of our expansive network. Within our ecosystem, all stakeholders thrive. From companies submitting problem statements and datasets to data scientists honing their skills and reaping financial rewards; from customers acquiring models on our AI Marketplace to our invaluable partners who make it all possible. Collaboration is our core currency, and we invite you to join us and embrace it as your own.

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