Anti-exploit measures

The following measures will ensure that bitgrit prevents exploits related to discretionary distribution of rewards:

  • Clear and Transparent Rules: Each competition’s guidelines will be published on, detailing the judging criteria such as innovation, impact, and technical feasibility.

  • Multi-layered Review Process: Entries are first screened by a technical team to ensure they meet basic requirements, then evaluated by an independent panel of industry experts.

  • Anonymised Submissions: Participants submit their entries through a portal that assigns unique IDs and removes personal information before judging.

  • Smart Contracts: A smart contract is set up to distribute prizes automatically once winners are verified.

  • Anti-Fraud Measures: Implement email verification and use behaviour analysis tools to detect multiple submissions from the same participant.

  • Whitelisting Judges: Competition judges are selected based on their expertise and are required to sign conflict-of-interest statements.

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