Democratising AI

Empowering All

Democratic AI represents true democracy in harmony with equitable capitalism. Instead of the power of AI and the means of modern business production being controlled by the few, democratic AI places distributed power in the hands of the masses.

Decentralisation provides the benefits of fault-tolerance: no single point of failure, no central authority that could censor information, and distributed trust systems.

With decentralised applications (DApps), it is now possible to create open source and profitable applications, such as democratic AI DApps around community controlled AI and data science. Democratic AI allows for competition in the AI space as opposed to the centralisation of money, talent, data, and computing power in a few corporate entities. The current state of centralised AI has led to a winner-take-all economy. Profits from AI benefit a few corporations rather than the data owners and, most deserving, the data scientists themselves.

Democratic AI allows for greater accountability in data ownership and AI oversight. With the transparency allowed by blockchain smart contracts, there is a clear structure for accountability in the case of data bias or AI abuse, as opposed to the traditional opaque systems of centralised AI and data. Within the new DApp structure, token ecosystems can be designed to incentivise users to collaborate, with rewards flowing to users based on the merit of their actions and automatically distribute value based on the utility delivered by the system.

The bitgrit Collective

The bitgrit community is an intricate tapestry of global professionals, encompassing AI engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and other aficionados in the realm of data. This collective boasts expertise spanning the vast spectrum of data science disciplines.

The Cornerstone of the bitgrit Community

Local events serve as the foundational pillar of the bitgrit community. Our commitment to fostering intimate and direct interactions with local data scientists distinguishes us from our contemporaries.

This strategic engagement ensures the cultivation of a community deeply rooted in the ethos of value-sharing. Not only does such a community possess a vested interest in bitgrit's vision, but it also plays an instrumental role in the development of invaluable AI algorithms. By seamlessly integrating both online and offline initiatives, the bitgrit community is poised for sustained growth and expansion.

The bitgrit Advantage

A Paradigm Shift in AI Solutions

bitgrit has pioneered a global online network of data scientists who engage in crowdsourced competitions, delivering astute solutions to data-centric business challenges. Our AI Marketplace offers both individuals and enterprises access to pre-constructed algorithms. Contrary to the conventional marketplace where major corporations retain their internally developed models, bitgrit positions itself as a beacon of open commerce.

Our platform, designed to be inclusive, empowers users worldwide to collaborate on tangible data science challenges, irrespective of their identity, geographical location, or background. Integrated with blockchain protocols and smart contracts, bitgrit ensures transparent project contributions, providing equitable rewards for participants.

At its core, bitgrit democratises AI, making its technology, expertise, and insights universally accessible. Through events like the global WDSF, we champion the open dissemination of knowledge, unlocking AI's transformative potential across industries.

Trust and Ethical Integrity

Our adoption of blockchain and smart contract technologies ensures an unwavering foundation of trust and ethical transparency. This framework allows for clear oversight of project contributions, ensuring contributors are justly rewarded.

Addressing the Talent Gap

The global landscape faces a pronounced shortage in data science and AI expertise, despite employment of data scientists projected to grow 35 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all other occupations due to the early nature of the industry and its recent success. About 17,700 openings for data scientists are projected each year, on average, over the decade, and many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire.

bitgrit's platform offers a solution to this talent crunch. By tapping into our vibrant community of data scientists, we address corporate challenges globally. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can harness AI expertise without the hefty investment in in-house teams. Concurrently, data scientists gain access to global opportunities, transcending geographical or background constraints. This model fosters a dynamic gig economy, offering data scientists project-based engagements with international firms and ultimately fine tuning their skills on diverse projects.

A Flourishing Global Ecosystem

bitgrit's presence is palpable both online and through local chapters, paving the way for education, employment, and experiential opportunities. Our collaborations extend to research institutions, academic hubs, and think tanks across Japan, India, Asia, and beyond, amplifying the potential of AI.

Hosting myriad local events globally throughout the year, bitgrit's vibrant community disseminates knowledge in data analytics, AI, and data science. This empowers data scientists to address some of the most pressing AI challenges. Through our consistent engagement in both local and online events, we have fostered a robust network characterised by trust, collaboration, and mutual benefit. This collective strength is harnessed in our unique approach to crowdsourced AI.

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