Latent Potential of AI

Navigating Challenges in the Journey Towards Generative AI Integration

AI is the fastest moving technology that we are witnessing in terms of it’s impact, and the AI era has just started. This is evidenced with the recent mass adoption of generative-AI across many industries. Yet its adoption (even among companies with valuable, actionable data) remains a challenge due to a multitude of obstacles as listed below:

  • Trouble determining possible use cases and value that can be extracted from existing data;

  • Difficulties in translating business challenges into data science problems;

  • Inability to develop, experiment, and rank a variety of models rapidly;

  • Hassles identifying the right talent to produce customised models;

  • Shortage of appropriate data science talent in the market;

  • Risks of providing people access to confidential data; and

  • Structuring of data and identification of relevant parameters.

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