AI Marketplace

Access to Niche Models
bitgrit's vision for the AI Marketplace is a hub where AI-solvable challenges are presented, accompanied by pertinent data. If the community crafts a valuable solution, clients can procure access to these models. The marketplace's essence is the transaction of trained models and datasets via an order-based mechanism, involving two primary stakeholders: data scientists and businesses aspiring to develop AI algorithms.
Clients seeking an algorithm navigate a customer journey akin to an order-based system, searching metadata of algorithms or datasets to retrieve relevant offerings. Similarly, data scientists can pinpoint pertinent proposals based on their expertise.
Clients can acquire AI in two formats*:
  • Proprietary AI models with full ownership rights (i.e. Data Scientists place specific proprietary completed AI models on the marketplace for general use or for sale); and
  • Access to an AI API linked to a trained model via API credits (i.e. Community Competition AI models).
Intellectual property rights for models and data reside with bitgrit, but revenue-sharing with the contributing data scientists is integral to our model.
Each sale or use of a data scientist's model, whether as source code or API calls, results in remuneration for the creator and if applicable, the competition sponsors. This platform synergizes businesses, AI developers, competition sponsors and data providers, fostering a democratic AI ecosystem accessible to all.
*This is subject to each competition's set of rules for AI models (set at the time of the competition), depending on sponsor and data scientist requirements. These rules will dictate how the model is accessed, utilized and monetized.